About Timothy L. Price

My name is Timothy L. Price. I’m the founder of Kingdom Citizenship. I am here to share thoughts and build relationships toward living the Kingdom of God as a now-reality.

In the past 42 years, I went to Bible School, did missionary work, sat in pews, dutiful worked programs and efforts, and I believed the tradition of single-figure leadership with a board of rubber stamps to be what we should understand as church. I didn’t know that in such an engagement one could end up believing in a belief and busy themselves rowing a religious boat that had nothing to do with where God was going.

I never understood the kingdom of God (KOG) other than the mere words. Now I understand the KOG to be different than churchianity, Sunday-going-to-meeting, and the society of mutual admiration. God has an ambition for every believer, not just a select, special few. Ekklesia—what God calls church—is also a reality most of us are unfamiliar. The Ekklesia and the Kingdom of God go together like two peas in a pod.

Our Videos

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